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Uterus is the child bearing organ.It is a muscular hollow organ located in the pelvis[or lower part of the abdomen].It is located behind the urinary bladder and in front of the rectum.Uterus can be divided broadly into three parts- body, isthmus and cervix.Body is the upper part of the uterus,that may again be divided into fundus and body proper.Fundus is that part of the uterus hat lies above the two uterine or fallopian tubes.The fallopian tubes open at the cornu of the uterus.The cornu is located at the junction of the body proper and fundus of the uterus.

Isthmus is a narrow constricted part of the uterus that is located in between the body of the uterus and cervix.I had tried to explain the cervix in my previous post.

For more information on this,please discuss with your doctor and visit other reliable internet sources, or may post any question in the comment section.

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