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Uterus and uterine tubes.Image via Wikipedia

Fallopian tubes which are also called the uterine tubes are hollow,paired tube like structures.Each uterine tube on one end is attached to the lateral angle or upper part of the body of uterus.It communicates with the uterine cavity by an opening located at this end called the uterine opening.On the other side of the uterine tube there is the abdominal opening or ostium.

Fallopian tube is broadly divided into four parts.The portion lying within the muscles of the uterus is called intramural part.The intramural part is followed by a straight segment,called the Isthmus.After this segment there is a tortuous segment called the ampulla.The ampulla is the portion , where normally the process of fertilization takes place.The ampulla is followed by the infundibulum.The abdominal opening mentioned earlier is surrounded by fimbriae.

Importance of fallopian tube or uterine tube is that the all important process of fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube.By the process of fertilization,a zygote is formed.Uterine tube also helps in the survival of zygote.

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